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Standard Coupler

 SST Coupler

The standard or right threaded coupler is proposed as the most widely used in every part of the concrete structure. This type of coupler is used

in place that at least one of rebars is able to be rotated. Internal thread of the coupler is right hand and complete part of thread on the rebar shall

.be fastened inside the coupler. SAHAND produces this type of coupler from 16 mm up to 50 mm and any other request of customers is possible

For the production of coupler solid steel bar (DIN 1.1191) is used as raw material.Universal and CNC machine tools is used in production line.e
At each stage of production ,QC department controls coupler specified dimensions and after confirmation of complete manufacturing process in

the first step the couplers are transferred to the next step. The couplers quality meets the Iran national building regulations and international

codes and standards such as ACI 318, DIN1045 and BS 8110.0


  How  to fasten the coupler
on the rebars  

1-First move the plastic protection cap of rebar threads,then fasten the coupler on the threads by hand.



2- Move the plastic protection cap of the coupler.      


3-Fasten the second threaded rebar to the coupler by hand.  


4- Fastening the last threads on the rebars to the coupler is needed, so you can use suitable wrench.



       5-When no thread of rebar is seen out of coupler the process is finished. 
        For checking easily the finished fastening process mark the red color on
        the couplers.