Sahand mechanical splices

Founder of Mechanical splices (Coupler) in Iran

About Sahand Mechanical Splices

Sahand Mechanical Splices Company, as the founder of Rebar Mechanical Splices in Iran, always tries to take a step towards solving the problems of the construction industry by designing and presenting new products. Along with the production of various products, Sahand Mechanical Splices Company considers the conformity of the manufactured products of this group with the concrete regulations of Iran, National Building Regulations, ACI, UBC and BS, and in this regard, it has succeeded in obtaining approval from the research center of the Ministry of Roads, Housing and Urban Development. Is. Also, receiving the comprehensive IMS management certificate, including ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates, indicates the quality assurance of Sahand Mechanical Splices company’s products. In addition, Sahand special threading machines were designed and produced by Sahand company engineers, who succeeded in receiving a patent certificate for these machines. Threading by these devices is done mechanically, which does not reduce the cross-sectional area and strength of the rebar. The use of Sahand company’s various products in more than hundreds of national and construction projects is the pride of this collection.

Sahand Mechanical Splices
The largest and most reliable company producing couplers in Iran and neighboring countries
Sahand Coupler
Production of couplers with fully automatic CNC machines
Rebar Coupling
It has mobile devices for coupling at the project site

Sahand team

غرفه اتصالات مکانیکی سهند

Sahand Group consists of mechanical fittings and rebar threading factory located in Parand Industrial Town, Tehran head office and mobile threading teams are on site. For many years, Sahand Company has optimized its collection for the production of mechanical connections and rebar threading services.
The factory complex is divided into four parts for the production of rebar mechanical connections, the threading line, the production of threading machines and the production of tools.
We are proud to manufacture and supply all links of the mechanical fittings supply chain domestically.
This company with more than 30 years of experience in the country’s industry was founded in 1376 by Mr. Engineer Gholamhasan Habibnejad, and in 1382 the process of research and development in the field of mechanical rebar connections began, and in less than 2 years, the coupler production line was established by obtaining permits. related and defining and introducing the mechanical connection system to the country’s construction industry was launched.