Sahand company

Sahand Mechanical Fittings Company, as the founder of Rebar Mechanical Fittings in Iran, always tries to take a step towards solving the problems of the construction industry by designing and presenting new products. In addition to producing various products, Etisalat Mechanical Sahand Company considers the compliance of the manufactured products of this group with Iran’s concrete regulations, national building regulations, ACI, UBC and BS, and in this regard, it has succeeded in obtaining approval from the Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center. . Also, receiving the comprehensive IMS management certificate, including ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates, shows the guarantee of the quality of the products of Etisalat Mechanical Sahand Company. From the first days of presenting its products, Etisalat Mechanical Co., Ltd. has always tried to increase the trust of Iranian consumers towards domestic products by producing quality products, and fortunately, it has achieved many successes in this direction. The use of Sahand products in many national and provincial projects and gaining the trust of construction industry experts for these products has been achieved as a result of the efforts of all the employees of Etisalat Mechanical Sahand Company. Because the continuous improvement of quality, customer satisfaction and the production of diverse and new products are part of the policy of Sahand Mechanical Connections, therefore, we hope that by continuing this policy, we will always be a reliable helper by the experts of the construction industry.

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