SLR Coupler



This type of coupler is used in application that none of rebars can rotate.Coupler is threaded left hand in one side and right hand in the opposite side.Left hand thread on the rebar must be placed the same side on the coupler and the right hand threaded rebar on the same thread on the coupler . To fasten the rebars inside the coupler , both rebars in both side of coupler must be pushed toward the coupler and then coupler must be rotated in the correct direction then both rebars are fasten to the coupler in same time and round steel bar is used as raw material producing line.Universal and CNC machines are used to produce the couplers in .The QC department controls the quality in each step The couplers pass the international codes and standards such as ACI 318,ACI 349,ACI352,BS8110 and DIN1045.